[FOR WOMEN] Better Time Management = Easier Weight Loss!


If you decide to effectively organize your home, office and mind, you will soon feel happier, healthier and you will receive and extra bonus too – it will be a lot easier to lose the desired weight!

If your apartment is filled with heaps of laundry and your to-do lists never end, you’re pretty much asking to get stressed out even in your safe environment like home. You're probably constantly feeling overwhelmed with tasks that need to be done – like cleaning the apartment, changing the sheets, doing this and that for work ... Do you even realize, how much daily stress subconscious thoughts like these can cause?

The key to happiness doesn't lie in hiring a cleaning lady or personal assistant, that would help you reduce the amount of work. The secret lies in good time management and organizational skills - with a bit of resourcefulness, that's all the therapy you need and it's completely free! When it comes to organizing your life in a better way, your goal is to make more time for yourself and your needs, giving you the opportunity to relax and lead a healthier lifestyle. If you wish so, you can even start that diet that you've been putting off for months.

Reduce the stress & beat the depression

Research shows, that women, who overwhelm themselves with tasks and unfinished projects, are often more inclined towards depression and high levels of cortisol (primary stress hormone). It’s no wonder: if you, after a day of hard work, return to your messy home, which only reminds you how many things are waiting for you to do, your cortisol levels won’t decrease enough to enable you a good sleep, better mood and health.

Sit down and make a schedule for yourself, which will help you determine, how to best organize everything that needs to be done. First make a list of all the recurring activities (eg. laundry, washing the floor, cleaning the bathroom …), then take this tasks and arrange them in a way, that ensures you some time to relax every day.

Exercise regularly & eat healthier

Did you know, that the state of your environment can heavily influence your overall health? This study shows, how an organized workplace can positively affect your lifestyle choices – for example choosing to eat an apple for lunch instead of automatically reaching for chocolate. Disorder causes a lot of stress to your brains, which consequently leads to you craving comfort food.

You do realize the importance of physical activity, right? Once you master the skills of good time management and organization, you can use those same principles to make yourself a good workout schedule. You will also have more time to really go for it and achieve your fitness goals in no time!

A few guidelines for excellent time management

  1. Every day pick 3 top-priority tasks and stick to them
  2. Choose an app, notebook or planner, where you will write your to-do lists
  3. Use different colors when writing the lists
  4. Learn how to say 'no' when you're already overwhelmed with work
  5. Set yourself weekly goals – make sure they're actually achievable
  6. Don't get carried away by impossible goals and wasting time on them
  7. Once you reach a specific goal, treat yourself a little J

Do you have any personal organization advices, that you would like to share with others? Write them down in the comments or send them to us via messages – we will make sure it reaches all of our readers!


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